Sunday, February 28, 2010


"Unused Hay Bales" 9" x 16" oil/c

Each September Richard Schmid puts on
an art auction to raise money for
the local volunteer fire department.
I created this piece to donate to this
year's auction. The 9" x 16" format
is a little strange, but I think it works.
I actually painted this as a 12" x 16" and
then cut it down.

I have found snow scenes to be a
blast to paint. The use of purples, pinks
and teals in the shadows
in contrast to the brightly lit areas of
white snow with a ting of yellow
ochre. I like the way the creek takes
you into the left side of the painting
then shoots you into a hard right
turn into the center of interest.
Using the rule of thirds, the painting
has a nice design in addition to a
thick application of paint.


Kelley Sanford said...

Nicely handled. Like the light slicing through the middle ground.

Dennis Dame said...

Nice Rusty - I think you really nailed the composition!