Friday, November 20, 2009


Last Friday was the Collectors Covey Miniature
Show. A good crowd was on hand, better than
last year I might add. Buyers were more than
pleased with the overall quality of the show.

The warm atmosphere of the gallery
provides ample opportunity for artists to
mingle with buyers. I found the collectors
to be most approachable and more than
willing to discuss their likes and dislikes
of pieces.

I also had plenty of time to talk to artists
that I admire like Ken Carlson and
Luke Frazier. Of course looking at great art
is the main attraction. Where else can you
go in north Texas and see Clyde Aspevig,
Matt Smith, Len Chimel, Kyle Sims and
Frank Serrano?

They say "you are known by the company
you keep". If that's true then I'm in pretty
good company. My painting is the one in
the middle on the right. The two paintings
on the left are both Clyde Aspevig's.

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