Saturday, October 17, 2009


"Bernies" 9"x12" oil/c

Today was the Quickdraw. I chose to
paint a famous local eatery known
as Bernies. Rick Pratt, the Port A Gallery
owner announced the beginning of the
Quickdraw by playing bagpipes as his
wife and co-owner, Cameron, drove
him around the parking lot in a fully
restored MG convertible.

Fifteen minutes into my painting three
trucks parked right in front of me completely
blocking my view. It was too late to find
a new location so I had to walk around
the trucks, observe the scene, walk
back to my easel and paint. Add to
that the fifty or so people who stopped
to watch me paint and I had one heck
of challenge on my hands. Its safe
to say that this was the toughest
Quickdraw I've ever done.


Tina Bohlman said...

Well Rusty... it seems to me that you should consider re-constructing the obstacles at every QD from now on if it produces a winner like this one! LOL - I love it!
Tina Bohlman

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks Tina