Thursday, October 15, 2009


"Bungalow" 6"x8" oil/c

I'm in Port Aransas, TX this
weekend taking part in a
three-day paintout. There will
be a Quickdraw on Saturday
and a reception and opening
Saturday night.Today
I spent most of the day in the
town of Port Aransas doing
small paintings. Completed
three worthy of showing
and two wipe-offs. Kind of
a so-so day. Finished the day
with a shrimp barbeque
get together with all the artists.
I'll try to post agaain tomorrow.


Tim Fitzgerald said...

Hi Rusty,
Like your Port Aransas work, your pushing the color notes always makes your pictures great to see.
Also it's nice to know that even after all your years of painting you get wipe offs to. There is hope for us all.
Tim Fitz

cameron said...

Cool stuff, can't wait to see it for real!