Thursday, July 16, 2009


"Chasm Falls" 10" x 20'

I can thank Steve Atkinson,,
for giving me the appropriate kick in the butt
to get this painting done. I've had it sketched
out on a canvas and sitting in the corner
of the studio for about six months. During the
summers when its 106 degrees outside
and I'm stuck inside doing paintings of
apples, I get the doldrums and don't feel much
like painting. Steve comes along and posts
his painting "Simple Beauty" on his blog and
it just blows me away.

Next thing you know I've got "Chasm Falls" on
the easel and two hours later....done. Steve's
painting of an aspen grove probably in the
Rocky Mountains somewhere reminded me of
my trips to Estes Park and that's all it took
to snap me out of the summer funk. I've
already got three more paintings sketched
out and can't wait to get started.


julie davis said...

Rusty, this is really lovely. That the waterfall is only partially lit is striking. I'm glad you found your momentum again-I know what you mean!

labrown said...

Looks like you found it Rusty. Nice painting. I may have to head up there one of these days. Looks like a nice spot! Hope you enjoy your time in CO.