Friday, July 24, 2009


"Water Supply" 12" x 16" oil plein air

This is one of the three barns I painted
last week. I painted this barn from the other
side as well. On the other side is a field
of fresh hay bales and as anyone knows, hay
bales have become a favorite subject
matter of mine. I'll post the other paintings

This one took longer than expected, almost three hours
instead of the two hours I will usually commit to a
plein air piece. I will typically steer away from a scene
that has this many elements in it. I try to limit
plein air work to three elements. This one has five
and that pushes the limit of my comfort zone.
There's a lot of architecture and that just takes longer
than other types of landscapes, plus I painted
it on a larger scale, 12" x 16" instead my standard
9" x 12". All-in-all I was uncomfortable the whole time I
was painting it, but in the end I'm glad I stuck to it
and finished the piece.

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mike rooney studios said...

great piece rusty. you really nailed the drawing, then the paint