Friday, April 17, 2009


Jill showing how its done

Explaining the importance of
creating a good design through
multiple sketches

Q & A before the demo

I just had the good fortune of taking a
three day workshop with Jill Carver. Transplanted
to Texas six years ago from England its
refreshing to hear her use Texas-speak
mixed in with her London brogue.

I've painted with Jill a couple of times
prior to the workshop so I already had
a built up admiration for her work.
But after the workshop my respect for her
as an individual, artist, friend and teacher
grew ten-fold. She's the most refreshing
person to be around and watching her paint
is magic. She has total confidence in
her abilities and everything that comes
off her brush. There's no hesitation, no doubt
and no delays in the process of creating a piece
of art. If she could she'd shoot me right now
for making it sound so easy.

I've taken workshops with some of the very best,
but without question I got the most from
Jill's workshop. Tangible and intangible jewels
that will end up on my canvases from here on out.

Thanks Jill and the Andreeva Academy.

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Randy Saffle said...

Jill Carver's work helped push me into picking up a brush. I have followed her for some time now. I love her unusual color palette. She seems to vary her color temperature on every stroke. I have to plan a workshop with her!