Friday, April 10, 2009


"Starlight Theater" 9" x 16"

The favorite gathering spot for our
painting group at Big Bend. This is
the back side of the theater. I became
intrigued with the roof line and the
vent on the side of the building.

I couldn't help but think of Jennifer
McChristian's work as I drew out my
design. I wanted to keep the painting
fresh and my brushwork thick. I usually
start a painting with thin layers and build
to thicker paint as I go. But this one begged
to be painted with thick paint from the
get-go. I liked the experience and will
continue to push my technique in this
new direction.


Deborah Paris said...

Lovely piece Rusty. Looks like ya'll had fun at Big Bend! Glad to see you are blogging too!

Randy Saffle said...

I really like this one. I'm always drawn to your buildings. Love how you painted the telephone poles and I'm glad you didn't leave them out. (Did you entertain the idea?) Great job!

Rusty Jones said...


Actually no because the telephone poles act as a visual block. I knew the alley going behind the theater would take your eye right out of the picture so by keeping the poles in the picture and leaning them toward the building I would throw the viewer back into the painting. Nice catch on your part. Good talking to you.


Rusty Jones said...

How you doing? Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Been following yours for a while now. Great to hear from you and thanks for the nice comments on my painting. Big Bend was great. Could spend a month out there and can't wait to go back. Check out the video...had fun putting it together.

Stay in touch.