Friday, May 9, 2014


I want to thank the Associated Creative Artists for having me as guest demo artist last Tuesday night. I always enjoy visiting with the members of the group and I'm honored any time I'm asked to do a demonstration painting.

For the demo I chose a photo from my recent trip to Carmel. The scene is in Pacific Grove right across the street from my hotel. I got up early each morning, grabbed a cup of coffee then sat on a bench and watched the sun come up.

Before I started my demo I made the point that I was NOT going to stay married to the photo and instead would change the light based on my memory of my morning coffee sessions. In so doing I made the point that painting from photographs is okay as long as you are the person who took the photograph and actually experienced the scene. There are so many reasons to not paint from photographs, but when I look at photos I've taken I can usually remember everything thing else that went into taking the shot and most times those things come back to me as I paint.

"Early Light at Pacific Grove"
12" x 16"  oil/linen


Dan Graziano said...

Great painting! I share your position on painting from photos.

john son said...

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