Friday, April 20, 2012


    "Diver's Cove"   11" x 14"  oil/linen

First let me say I haven't posted a blog in two weeks and Blogger has completely changed its design template so I have no idea how this is going to look. 

I'm planning a painting trip to California for late June to meet Jonathan and Lucinda at Mountainsong Gallery in Carmel. I've been in the gallery a few months so I think its time to see the gallery in person, visit with the owners and spend time painting along the California coast. It is my custom when planning a painting trip to practice doing paintings from that area so it is not a total shock to the system.

Colors and values change greatly from one area to the next. Even in Texas the sky is much bluer in the Hill Country than it is near Dallas. This is also the first Friday I've had in the studio in over a month so it feels really good to paint. I did two 11" x 14" paintings in about four and half hours. 

The painting above is at Diver's Cove near Laguna Beach. The painting below is Point Lobos near Carmel. I understand in June I can expect a lot of fog in the early morning, so this is feeling I was going for in the Point Lobos painting.

   "Point Lobos in the Mist"   11" x 14"   oil/linen


T.Gomez said...

This brings my trip to Point Lobos back into focus - I love both pieces. California coasts are incredible places to paint!

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks T. Can't wait to get out there in June and do some serious plein air work.

julie davis said...

Gorgeous work, Rusty.