Monday, November 14, 2011


This past weekend was the annual miniature show at Collectors Covey here in Dallas. The show is primarily a sporting art show with plenty of elk, pronghorn sheep, quail and various other game animals and hunting dogs depicted in paint and bronze by some of the best in the business including Ken Carlson, Luke Frazier, Herb Booth, Thomas Aquinas Daly, Brian Grimm, Jim Morgan, Kyle Sims and Julie Jeppson.

Of course my main interest is in the landscape paintings. No slouches here either with paintings by Clyde Aspevig, Matt Smith, Len Chimel, Chuck Rawle, Tracy Avant, Kenny McKenna, Frank Serrano, Mark Hayworth and many others of note. Many of the artists are in attendance so it makes for a very special gathering of art and artists.

"Autumn Float" 9" x 12" oil/linen

Collectors view the show and place there name in a little box hanging by each piece if they are interested in purchasing the painting or sculpture. They have an hour and half to view the show and make their choices, then the gallery staff goes from piece to piece pulling names from the boxes. It is a little nerve wracking as they open your box. Luckily my painting sold so I had a good night and from what I could tell it looked like a good night for the gallery with many paintings selling.

Me next to my painting

Me and Chuck Rawle

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