Tuesday, October 18, 2011


"Drydock" 9" x 12" oil/linen

Here are the other two paintings I entered into the Coastal Paintout in Port Aransas last weekend. "Drydock" was sitting in a shipyard and I was attracted to the unusual hull. This sailboat was deposited here by a Norwegian businessman with the promise he would be back to work on it in a couple of weeks. That was three years ago. Needless to say the shipyard owner is not pleased.

"Dunes" 9" x 12" oil/linen

"Dunes" is a painting I've put off painting for four years. Sand dune paintings are like shrimp boat paintings...too much of a cliche. This year I bit the bullet and did my very first sand dune painting. I convinced myself that like painting bluebonnets and the missions in San Antonio, painting sand dunes comes with the territory and is as much a part of Texas as anything else I choose to paint.

The problem on this particular day is Port Aransas had a bad case of "Red Tide" which is an algae that floats on the ocean and comes and goes with the tide. When the algae blooms it turns the ocean red (actually burnt sienna) and fills the air with a burning odor that causes coughing, sore throat and burning, itchy eyes. Most cases it also kills a lot of fish that wash up on the beach and that causes all kinds of foul odors.

The red tide wasn't all that bad in Port Aransas where the paintout was being held, but to get to some decent sand dunes I drove about 30 minutes down the beach and that's where the red tide was really bad. By the time I set up my easel I was coughing, my eyes were burning and watering something terrible. I gave this painting my best shot for 45 minutes, then had to quit because my eyes were on fire. I actually liked painting the dunes and plan to do some more when I go back to Port A this Spring.


Brad Miedema said...

Very nice Rusty! I think the sand dunes turned out great! And to think you painted it in such a short amount of time. Love it!

Rusty Jones said...

Hey Brad. Still have a scratchy throat from the red tide. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Stay in touch.