Friday, December 10, 2010

35 on 35 ONLINE

"Yearling" 6" x 8" oil/c

Sometimes the simplest paintings are
the most fun and rewarding. I have
watched this herd of herefords on
many occasions. Their reddish brown
coat in stark contrast to their white
faces, socks and collar make them an
appealing subject to paint.

This was a late afternoon and the white
underbelly hair was being lit from the
reflected light off the ground mixed in with
some dust. What caught my eye were the shots
of teal and purple on the faces. I picked out
this one calf who didn't seem to be in much
of a hurry to go anywhere and after a few false
starts with the pose I settled in on this one.
Dropping him in front of the herd gave
him a sense of place.

Of the 35 paintings in the show this little one
is one of my favorites and I'm happy to
report is now in the care of a beloved collector.


Susan Roux said...

Love the glowing cadmium underbellies! It breathes such life in the warm reflected light.

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks Susan