Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Last Cast"

"Last Cast" 30" x 40" oil/c

This 100 degree heat wave we're in
makes me think of heading west. Colorado
would be nice, but nothing beats the
Tetons for pure majesty. Flyfishing in
Teton National Park is about as good
as it gets. Of course flyfishing anywhere
will do, but quietly presenting a fly
to a rising rainbow with the Tetons as a
backdrop is pure pleasure.

I did this painting a couple of years ago
and hangs in our main room. It is one of
my favorite fishing paintings. Whenever
I have had a bad day in the
today...this painting centers me and reminds
me that I haven't really forgotten
how to paint, I'm just having an off day
and tomorrow will present an opportunity
to paint something magical.


Tim Fitzgerald said...

It does look cooler in that painting. Nicely Done!!
Had a bad day in the studio myself yesterday thought I destroyed my painting and was down in the dumps all evening. Then Today It went really well and I saved it from the Trash. Tomorrow is another day..
Tim Fitz

Rusty Jones said...

Yep. The ups and downs of painting. I have been painting alot recently so maybe I was just tired. Taking tomorrow off from painting to play golf. Then back to it.

Susan Roux said...

What a great attitude!

Lovely painting, by the way...

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks Susan