Sunday, July 4, 2010


Me with my "Estess Ranch" painting.

My "35 on 35" painting project kicked
into high gear last weekend with a
preview of the first ten paintings.
It's fourth of July so today I have little time
to post, but I wanted to share the concept
behind the show. In November I will have my
first one-man show entitled "35 on 35".
Thirty five paintings of scenes along IH 35 from
Dallas to San Antonio. Each painting will
have a GPS marking on the back so the
collector can go to the exact spot where I stood
and did the painting.

The picture with this post shows me standing
with my painting "Estess Ranch" and you can
see the ranch on the horizon behind me.
The highway is fifty yards to my left. I have
already met several people who live in Dallas and
have driven by this ranch 100s of times and never knew
it was there until they saw my painting.

I feel good sharing a piece of Texas in this way.

The frame is a King of Frame "Plein Air #1".


Tim Fitzgerald said...

Congratulations your first one man show, what a milestone in your art career. Someday I hope to reach that point. However painting full time isn't something I'm able to do as yet.
Will you post all the paintings or a link to view them? I would really love to see them. The one you are holding is just fabulous. Hope you sell all of them you've worked hard.
Best of luck
Tim Fitz

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks Tim. Tea, we plan to start posting the paintings in August. By then I will be more than half way through the 35 paintings. Thanks for the comment. Stay in touch.

Joan Breckwoldt said...

What a great idea. Good luck with the show! This painting is beautiful,