Wednesday, January 13, 2010


"In and Out of Shadows" 24" x 30" oil/canvas

I have dedicated myself to producing
more large paintings in 2010 and posting
more often. Of course that depends
on how many dog days I have in the
studio. I'm hoping to hit a stride and
crank out the best work so far.
We'll see...its still early.

This scene is from my trip to Arizona.
These bluffs stretch for about twenty
miles along the highway. You could
stop just about anywhere along this
stretch and find something to paint.

I've described before how the light
is constantly changing and you have to
pick your to speak. Well
its worse when you do a scene like this
one where there is one set of rumbling
clouds after another lighting and
darkening segments of the scene at
different times. Ah...the digital camera. What
a good friend it has become with its
large view finder on the back.


Tim Fitzgerald said...

Happy New Year to you.Great painting to start off with. Please don't become a slave to your Blog remember painting is more important, your fans will wait for you to get around to them.
I myself want to do more big paintings in 2010, however I find them a bit intimidating,its a brain thing of course so hard work will overcome this problem I'm sure.
Its getting warm in North Carolina so outside painting gets more comfortable on the old bones.

Dennis Dame said...

Great piece Rusty! Thanks for sharing! Good luck with your 2010 goals. I used to paint 95% of my work "large"(36"x56")-back when I used to do more airbrush mural work. For some reason oil painting I've stuck to mostly small stuff. I think for me, this year is quality.

Rusty Jones said...

Thanks Tim and Dennis